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Shopfitting Warehouse is an exciting new concept brought to you by Display Equipment Company (Pty)Ltd.

The concept behind our new store is to bring you a wide variety of solutions to fulfil all your shopfitting problems. We bring to the market unbeatable knowledge, and a variety of products to fit every budget. Shopfitting warehouse specialises in:  Mannequins, Rails, Racks, slatwalling and accessories, modular grid systems and accessories, counters, showcases, pricing and tagging guns and solutions, floor standing units, and anything else that you might need for setting up a shop on a tight budget.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best bang for their buck! Because the needs of our market is foremost in our minds we encourage feedback so that we can continually bring you the best service possible.

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Payment And Delivery Policy

To enable us to offer the lowest possible prices we require:

1. 50% deposit on acceptance of an official quote.

2. Balance of payment on collection of order.

3. As most of our products are stored at our off site warehouse goods will be available for collection within three working days from receipt of deposit.

Deliveries can also be arranged at an additional cost. Deliveries will only be sent upon receipt of complete payment for order.

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